Run any test online.

Use our fully automated online test environment to provide ​valid certifications for your eLearning tests and eAssessments. Flexibly choose validation and proctoring levels that match your expectations.
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We expand valid examinations beyond classrooms – no shoes required​

Create safe test environment

Use AI-based biometric ID verification and in-exam monitoring.
Choose security features flexibly to meet data protection requirements.

Reduce costs

Take online tests regardless of the participants’ location.
Conduct tests with no need for facility or administration.

Grow your audience

Use remote testing to expand your business.
Offer your services to participants who are restricted by time or location.

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  • 20 tests per month
  • € 18,90 per audited test
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  • 100 tests per month
  • € 13,90 per audited test *
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  • Unlimited tests
  • € 8,90 per audited test
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* Per test that is analyzed using cubemos AI proctoring

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See reports of all valid examinations

Stay in control of the process and see all validated examinations. Access all recordings and double-check all detections of suspicious behaviour. Have a valid proof for the correct conduct of your examination.

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Easy and intuitive process

Simply log-in with your email. Validate your participation with ID card and an image from your webcam. Use any of your devices, as only a browser and a webcam are necessary requirements. We value your privacy and GDPR compliance. You get access to all recordings and notifications when your data is deleted.​

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Frequently asked

In case you cannot find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us directly!

Are you compliant with GDPR?​

Yes, we value data privacy any apply the principle of “privacy by design”. We comply with GDPR regulations and store data only on secure servers in Germany. After a certain period, data will be automatically deleted. All stored personal data can be accessed by examiners as well as examinees.

Is your service integrated into Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

Our system works stand-alone as well as integrated into LMS. Moodle is the first platform to be integrated in our system. We plan integrations into further platforms. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

How can I test your software?

Please send an email to to get access to our test environment. There you can set up an online test environment with a link to any hosted test content such as questionnaires or multiple-choice tests.

Which validation and proctoring functionality is included?

For the verification you can choose an ID validation, which can also be a student card. For the exam, you can check if there is always the same person in front of the PC, if there is more than one person present, if there are suspicious gazes and if there is suspicious noise in the background.