Covid test tracker for your company

Automated Covid-19 test instruction and execution documentation for your employees and corporate partners.
Fight the pandemic

Help stop the spread of the pandemic by making sure all employees are healthy.

Create a safe environment

Provide your employees a 100% Covid-free environment where they can work without worries.

Ensure compliance

Recognize at a glance whether an employee is breaking any compliance regulations.

The Covid-19 dashboard at the core of our tracker

The dashboard will become your best friend. Gain insight into all Covid-related data in different abstraction levels.

Get a perfect overview

See recent participants, total completion rate, and the number of tests taken every day at first sight.

Get access to details

For every taken test, access the details and review the monitoring, answered questions, and more.

We started using Covid test racker to ensure that there are a no positive cases in the workforce. Everybody feels more safe!
Michael Zehender
Head of Quality Management

Level-up ensuring compliance

  • Status of all Corona Test implementations at a glance
  • Ensure all employees on site are tested negative
  • Consistent testing strategies across the organization
  • Presented evidence that specific employees are tested
  • New regulations rolled out at lightning speed

Make it a piece of cake

  • Can be performed on any internet-enabled device. From computer to smartphone.
  • From cleaning staff to management
  • Instructions on how to perform Covid-19 tests
  • Translated test instructions that every employee understands