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Skeleton Tracking SDK

Offers deep learning based 2D/3D full body tracking to
more than 5000 customers.

It is the enabler for behavioural analytics and enriches a huge amount of applications.

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Real Time Skeleton Tracking

What you need to know about our SDK

Our Skeleton Tracking SDK allows tracking of 18 joints simultaneously. Thanks to our AI algorithms this tracking is available for an unlimited number of people in a scene.

Easy Integration

One installer for all relevant dependencies. One license file for all applications to ensure convenient deployment.

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No dedicated GPU needed. Real-time skeleton tracking with more than 30 fps possible on cost effective processors.

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C, C++, C# and Python interfaces for Windows and Linux applications are included. A Unity wrapper is also provided.

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Download Section

Version 3.0

Download Skeleton Tracking SDK 3.0
with enhanced AI based tracking

  • ✅ Cloud-based tracking enables come-back to scene

  • ✅ Robust edge-based tracking for real-time tracking

Download 3.0 here

consider API changes

Please update to v2.4
or upgrade to 3.x

Download 2.4 here
Version 2.4
Manage Your Devices

Device and License Management

Download Skeleton Tracking SDK 3.0
with enhanced AI based tracking

  • ✅ Overview of your SDK integrations

  • ✅ Overview your registered devices

  • ✅ Track your API Key usage and quotas

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Get Skeleton with a single call

Skeleton Estimation API

Integrate Pose Estimation via API

  • ✅ Convenient single-route REST API

  • ✅ Very fast responses

  • ✅ Image in, Pose out!

Get AccessAPI Documentation
extremely versatile

Custom Skeleton Model

We can fulfill special requirements of your individual use cases, such as:

  • Optimization for special processors (NVIDIA or AMD)
  • Tracking of special sets of skeleton joints and combination with object detection
  • Adaption to special environments with challenging requirements such as camera perspective, darkness, fog, or smoke

Custom dataset creation and labeling during projects are possible.

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easy integration

Less than 10 lines of code to start. That's it.

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