Skeleton Tracking SDK

The cubemos Skeleton Tracking SDK offers deep learning based 2D/3D full body tracking for applications such as:

  • Analysis of human behavior
  • Health monitoring and emergency detection
  • Create avatars for digital signage,entertainment, AR/VR
  • Implementation of intuitive human interaction with body gestures
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Less than 10 lines of code to start. That's it.

The cubemos Skeleton Tracking SDK provides for both Windows and Linux a C, C++, C#, Python and Unity API. Using the C‑API it is also possible to develop your own custom wrapper. Our APIs offer Skeleton Tracking implementation with less than 10 lines of code.

Easy Integration

One single installer for all relevant dependencies. One license file for all applications to ensure convenient deployment.


C, C++, C# and Python interfaces for bothWindows and Linux applications are included. A Unity wrapper is also provided.


No dedicated GPU needed. Real-time skeleton tracking with more than 30 fps possible on cost effective processors.

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