Sanction List API

Access all relevant national and international databases with a single AI enhanced search engine and de-risk your business.

Ensure compliance of your company with relevant regulations across the globe.

  • Check sanction list entries of all your business partners and customers​
  • Check embargo listing of organizations
  • Secure compliance with national and international regulation on Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF)
  • Integrated lists are OFAC, HMT, SDN and CFSP 
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Achieve compliance with a single line of code.​

The cubemos Saction List API (RESTful) enables compliance with national and international regulations on sanctions, embargos, AML and CTF. We collect, structure and make easily accessible all relevant listing such as from the UN Security Council (Consolidated List) and from the US Department of Treasury (OFAC).​

Comply with regulations​

Be ready for audit! Use our API to avoid failure of compliance with national and international sanctions, AML regulations and crime prevention.​

Identify business risk in real-time

Don’t expose your business to any unnecessary risk. Check customers, suppliers, partners and employees in real time. Stay in the drivers seat and take action on identified results.​

Automate checks in minutes​

With a single line of code you can automate checks prior to onboarding customers and enable regular checks of your complete database of business partners.​

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