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Überwachung von Studenten: Datenschützer geht gegen Spähsoftware vor

cubemos GmbH teilt die Meinung zum Thema Online Prüfungen von Dr. Stefan Brink, Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit Baden-Württemberg.
cubemos GmbH hat aus diesem Grund eine DSGVO konforme Lösung für Online Prüfungen entwickelt, die alle genannten Vorgaben von Dr. Stefan Brink umsetzt.
- Wir scannen keine PCs. Mit uns ist kein Download notwendig und es wird nichts installiert.
- Wir schützen Persönlichkeitsrechte. Unsere Software wird in Bezug auf Datenschutz auditiert.
- Kein pauschales Aufzeichnen der Prüflinge. Der Prüfer bestimmt, welche Mechanismen für die jeweilige Prüfung anzuwenden sind.

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How to Create Fair Online Exams

The numbers of newly infected Covid-19 patients is increasing. Universities and other learning institutions have to further adapt their systems to online teaching and online exams. Two key factors for good online exams are maintaining transparency and fairness.

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The Main Problems of Online Proctoring Tools

There is no doubt that universities and other learning institutions will keep using online exams in the future. In case the exams are no open-book exams, there must be any kind of proctoring. Students complain about the well-known online proctoring tools. They have issues with the handling of illnesses, which could be categorized as cheating attempts. Another big problem is when during an exam the screen automatically switches to the setup screen.

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Do Students Cheat More Often in Online Exams?

In general, there are two types of students when in comes to exams. The ones who would never cheat and the ones who always try to cheat when possible. Now, with online exams, both types can easily cheat as long as they don't get proctored during the exam. This leads to 70% of students admitting to cheat! In addition, the faculties believe cheating occurs much less frequently than students believe.

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Online Exams will stay

Covid-19 already changed a lot in our everyday lives. Some may think in a few months or year everything will be back to "normal", as before the pandemic. But there are changes that will definitely stay. One example are online exams. Universities and other learning institutions had to adapt their systems in the last months. Even if there are still some difficulties, online exams are one consequence of the pandemic that will stay.

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ExperTeach offers ECNS and ECNE online tests. You can take them anytime and anywhere and get a certificate to prove more specific expertise in IT field. You can get a certificate within 24-72 hours without requiring you to visit their center.

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IEA Latin America

IEA Latin America has been offering testing and certification services to organizations from around the world such as embassies, ministries, universities and companies for many years. The institute offers on-site testing, supervised on-site computer-based testing, proctored asynchronous online testing and synchronous online testing.

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TAELE is an online remote Spanish test which you can do from anywhere around the world, at any time you wish, independent of your age or background and without requiring you to visit a test center. <this Spanish exam checks the four basic skills of listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and speaking and within 24-72 hours you get a certificate.

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Academia Buenos Aires

Academia Buenos Aires offers the TAELE online test. You can do it anytime and anywhere to get a certificate for your spanish skills. The test examines skills in the four areas of listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and speaking. You get a certificate from Academia Buenos Aires within 24-72 hours.

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