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The cubemos journey - how we leverage AI, imaging, and data processing to create trusted profiles

March 4, 2021

At cubemos, we enable our customers to create trusted profiles in the digital world. We build the missing link that is necessary to enable a trustful environment for customer engagement, that was previously only present in the analog world. We leverage our backgrounds in AI, imaging, and data processing to build our verification products.

But how did our journey begin?

Originally it started at Framos, Andreas’ company that has gained a world-leading position in imaging. Christopher, who founded a software startup before, joined Framos where both saw a big trend: the emergence of AI and embedded imaging. You might say: this exists for years already, so what was new? Quite simple: The technology became cheap enough so that literally everybody in the world has a powerful imaging AI processing tool in his hand: a smartphone. This technology suddenly delivered predictable results at an unprecedented price and moved heavily into various industries.

To serve those needs and to enable our customers to benefit from AI and imaging technology, we founded Framos AI in September 2018 as an own separate company. However, we were not complete. Although tech-savvy business guys and with access to developers through Framos we were looking for a “partner in crime”, somebody who shared our culture and vision. Christopher and Andreas both studied at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) which is the entrepreneurial platform in our hometown, Munich. At the CDTM we met Patrick, who did his PhD in the field of artificial intelligence and imaging and gained deep experience in life and as a researcher. As a team of three founders, we renamed the company to cubemos, enabling our own culture, which is based on our core values: Trust, Create, and Ownership.

Building on this foundation, we formed a team that was conducting high-tech development projects for blue-chip customers around the world and at the end of 2019, we launched our first software product, which is currently successfully sold via the Intel® RealSense™ webshop. Soon, our product became the industry standard for interactive education, patient monitoring, and AR/VR applications.

The success of our product and all development projects showed what provided the most value to our customers: The identification of people and their behavior in real-time – based on this information our customers could make the right decisions and take the right actions. We gained a vast experience in identifying and monitoring people, animals, devices, and actions. This ability of live detection and the ability to identify actions – a behavior, a feature, a pattern – provided the foundation of our current products and services.

We learned that the detection and identification of people and their actions were so powerful, as it is the basis of creating trust in the digital world. With skeleton tracking, we learned what it means to e.g. detect if somebody wants to use or destroy an ATM. This is a problem for all businesses: identifying and learning who they are working with. This is true for banks, universities running online exams, eCommerce, online casinos, retail – the use cases are endless – they want to know whom they are dealing with and if there is a problem or an opportunity.

This is what we focus on and what we do: We enable our customers to create trusted profiles out of components like ID verification, speech recognition and analysis, live skeleton detection, sanction list checks and more and more and more – we build the engine to trustfully engage with your customers, suppliers, partners, or students.


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