Face Login API

Integrate Face Login functionality into your websites, apps, software and devices to enable secure access to your services.

Grant access only to the right people for:

  • ERP Systems
  • Restricted files
  • Remote desks
  • Sensitive data
  • POS-Systems

Verify platform users in a fraction of a second for:

  • Online meetings
  • Education and proctoring
  • Flat sharing
  • Car sharing
  • Online dating
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Integrate in a matter of minutes.

The cubemos Face Login API (RESTful) enables secure and convenient login of your customers. With a simple webcam image of the person's face, your customers will be verified in seconds. With our Face Login API you only grant access to the right people.

Easily automate verification

With a few lines of code you can design and automate your own login engine for your product.

Very good documentation

Use our RESTful API for quick-start and well documented integration.

Pre-defined processes

Use our samples and pre-defined processes to get a head start.

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