Trusted profiles for enterprises

What if you could combine our profile components and integrate them into your products, manufacturing processes and CRM toolchain? We provide development services to integrate our verification mechanisms into your environment.

What if...

…you could verify the identity of every player in eSports? Ensure fair tournament situations and that no fraudulent change of payers can happen.

Make sure to keep eSports cleaner than real world tournaments.

What if...

…you could be sure that only trustful profiles are active on an online dating platform? Make sure that fake profiles and malicious behavior are not annoying users of your service.

Increase the quality of your platform and provide the best experience possible.

What if...

…you would know your customers similar to what online metrics offer? Make sure to treat high potential customers right by knowing when they enter your store.

Combine online and offline profiles to one single customer whom you know.

What if...

…you could detect persons and objects that should not be in your environment? Make sure that only the right persons get access and that forbidden actions are detected.

Avoid the presence of suspicious objects in your environment.