Trusted profiles for enterprises

What if you could combine our profile components and integrate them into your products, manufacturing processes and CRM toolchain? We provide development services to integrate our verification mechanisms into your environment.

What if... could be able to keep eSports cleaner than real-world tournaments? Prevent fraud attempts such as unauthorized player changes and the use of supporting software tools by verifying the identity of every player.

Ensure a fair eSports competition without cheating.

What if... could be sure that only trustworthy profiles are active on your online dating platform? Protect your users from fake identities as well as from phishing attempts and thus ensure a pleasant atmosphere to get to know each other.

Increase the quality of your platform and provide the best experience possible.

What if... could analyze your customers in a way, that is usually only possible with online metrics? Combine online and offline profiles to get a full overview of every single customer.

Make sure to treat high potential customers accordingly as soon as they enter your store.

What if... could detect suspicious persons and objects as soon as they try to enter a certain area? Ensure that access is only given to people with permission and prohibited actions do not remain undetected.

Stay in control of every area in your interest.