How We Recruit Working Students

Your journey to cubemos – Our Recruiting Process

We want to find the best talents, eager to bring in new ideas whilst challenging and changing an entire industry. Therefore we continuously work on our recruiting process to make it transparent, fast and a great experience for every applicant. Our recruiting process for working students consists of five steps.

1. Application Screening

After we have received your application, our People team will carefully screen your application. This first step usually does not take longer than a week, but sometimes it might take a couple of days more. In any case you can always expect a message from us.

2. First Interview

The first video call takes about 20-30 minutes and helps us get an impression of you as a person, your motivation, and how you might fit in at cubemos. We will offer you a glimpse into our culture and use the time to answer general questions upfront and get to know each other. Potential topics: What is important to you in a workplace? What are you looking for in a new employer?

3. Second Interview

The second video call takes about 30-45min and serves as a technical deep-dive. You will be speaking to your potential new team lead and it helps us get to know you as a direct team member. Topics will include your current role and previous experience, the position you applied for and why you think you are suited to the position. You may also be asked how you would approach certain problems, or questions similar to a case study. This is your opportunity to show us your skills, the way you work and how you approach new challenges.

4. Third Interview

The third interview serves as a professionally oriented interview. It lasts around 45 minutes to an hour and you will be talking to two of the founders. We are also eager to find out more about your motivation for working at cubemos and what drives you. Finishing the interview, we are more than happy to answer all your questions and tell you more about the work and life at cubemos!

5. Join the team!

After your successful journey through our recruiting process you will receive our offer and then there is just one thing left to say: Welcome to cubemos!

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