How We Do Onboarding

Onboarding at cubemos

A great employee journey starts even before an employee’s first day at work. Therefore we have set up a detailed onboarding process to guide new employees on their way to cubemos.

General onboarding process

The general onboarding process is the same for all new employees and organized by our People & Organization Team. It is roughly divided into three sections: Before you start, your first day and your first month.

1. Before you start

Before you start, we send new employees various emails to help overcome bureaucratic obstacles, especially when relocating from another city or country. We further support employees in getting settled in Germany. To get everything ready for the first day we prepare a desk full of goodies in the office. In case there is a team event we invite the new employee to make it easier to get to know their new colleagues.

2. Your first days

Once an employee starts, their onboarding includes several intro sessions, team lunches and an office tour.

The first day will be filled with computer and account setups and getting acquainted with the tools the respective team uses. Starting at a company is always exciting. To make it even more exciting, we make sure to prepare little tasks for the new team member for their first day.

In the days to follow we introduce you to cubemos, the way we work and what vision we are working towards. That means we host several intro sessions:

  • Introduction to cubemos' vision and mission
  • Introduction to the cubemos feedback process, our development budget and our organization
  • Introduction to the Office

To cover the social aspect of the onboarding (certainly one of the most important aspects!) the first weeks will also include team lunches, coffee breaks with different colleagues and the chance to meet everyone at cubemos!

3. Your first months

After the first month you had introductions to the major topics at cubemos and met your colleagues from different teams. Besides getting used to your position, the office life and the processes we have in place, the first month at cubemos will also include various feedback sessions, with your supervisor and the People & Organization Team. This helps us to continuously improve our onboarding to keep welcoming great talents!

Team Onboarding

Next to the general onboarding, every team has its own onboarding process to get a new employee acquainted with the topics and processes. In some teams you will have a buddy to guide you through the first weeks of onboarding. In any case, the entire cubemos team is here to welcome you to cubemos!