Our values - What we believe in

The success of cubemos is based on three fundamental key principles that define the culture at our company. Every team member fully embodies these values and ensures the development of cubemos.

  • Create
  • Things we create define who we are and help us learn and improve our capabilities. As a team we challenge ourselves and each other to always generate the best solution.

  • Trust
  • We believe in co-creation and see the world as a network of equal parties who can achieve more together. Within our company, we respect each other and all opinions - so everybody can speak out freely.

  • Ownership
  • We strive to improve every day. We all take ownership to drive cubemos forward. We can take the locus of control and improve our contribution to the company's success by improving our capabilities step by step.

Our history - Where we come from

Since our founding, cubemos already went through a lot of changes and development that shaped the company in many aspects. Click through our timeline and learn more about cubemos' past.

Sep 18
Andreas, Christopher, and Patrick, all CDTM alumni, jointly  decided to launch Framos AI after identifying a strong market trend towards embedded vision, as well as AI-based imaging and data analysis solutions.
One year after the foundation, we rebranded the company to cubemos, enabling an own culture and team spirit, based on our core values: Create, Ownership and Trust. All decisions in cubemos adhere to these values.
Next to conducting several high-tech development projects for blue chip customers around the world, the team launched its first product – an AI-based Skeleton Tracker – that is currently successfully sold via the Intel® RealSense™ division’s web shop.  
Together with our customers we learned that the identification of people and their actions is a powerful tool, as it creates the basis of trust in the digital world. This is our focus of today. We build the engine to trustfully engage with your customers, suppliers, partners, or students.

Our future - And your role in it

In order to continue our path to success and accomplish our vision of enabling trust in the digitized world by creating trusted profiles, we need more talented and motivated people in our ranks.
If you think that you embody our core values and share the same vision as we do, join the cubemos team and be part of our journey.