Create trusted profiles

Best-in-class 2D+3D Skeleton Tracking Software. Optimized to work real-time on edge processors.

  • Windows + Linux
  • C++, C# and Python
  • Unity wrapper
  • Fully compatible with Intel® RealSense™ Technology

The most convenient and flexible verification tools. Optimized UX for all devices and verification processes.

  • Web UI
  • iOS tools
  • Android tools
  • Simplest integration process with a single line of code

One single API that provides full compliance with all relevant regulations around the globe in real-time.

  • UN Sanctions
  • US/ EU Sanctions
  • PEP World Bank Lists
  • Advanced search based on single characters and phonetics

We support you to integrate our KYC products into your application. We are platform independent (App, Web, IoT) and provide customized UI/UX to fit your CI. Our verification schemes are completely adjustabe to fit your use case and established processes.